Masonic rites 1

Date: 3/8/2017

By AleisterCrowley

Me and someone else were exploring a Masonic lodge and looking at the books and statues. At some point what was collage age frat boys but more serious then frat boys more like skull and bones frat boys. They seemed a little sadistic. They filled the tables in the room with people who wanted to be inatated and I sat at the table and they asked everyone why they wanted to be a mason and I answered. Idk what I answered. I remember talking about morals and dogma and how long I've wanted to be a mason. Then it was ination time. The rite was a member would come and force you to hold your breath as long as you could and they would let go when you show you need to get air. I volunteered to go first. I closed my eyes to meditate so I could hold my breath as long as possible. I thought it was a test of fearlessness and trust. So I sat their in silence with out air till I heard the people around me freaking out then I was let go and the meeting was over. The people around the table came to me to talk about Masonic literature and that was it.