Bathroom Boat

Date: 4/22/2017

By KHDreams

My friend britt was visiting me but ended up staying at Rachel's house with me and this was the first time they had met. I had to run back and forth between them chatting and spending time with each. It was the day of Rachel's bachelorette and I really slowed the timing down of everything. Rachel wanted to go see a new anthropologie store but I had to swim a couple of races in my swim meet which she came to watch. Evan from grad school was one of the swim meet coaches. By the time britt left to go back it was time for dinner but I already made us late because of the swim meet, so I threw clothes in a bag and ran to dinner, putting us behind by 45 min. I made Rachel miss going to her store. We took the car so Britt had to bike back and took trailed helmet and my earrings. When we got to the restaurant, it was a anchored ship and the bathroom was its own separate little boat connected. While we were in the bathroom, it detached from the restaurant and took off down the river. The driver announced he needs more money for college so he needed to quickly drive the bathroom boat up to Oregon and back real quick.