platoon switch

Date: 3/31/2017

By louieooh

I started out crawling through a tight space. once I was fully out of what I believe was a rat hole I saw the face of an old friend. Texeria was from Missouri. We share many nights of partying and just doing random drives with another buddy, Tyssen. Tex and I began running in full battle gear. About 20 yards away from the rat hole I just crawled out an explosion went of. we both smiled and said "haha we got those fuckers" we hopped in my platoons LAV'S and we drove on over to another AO. on our way there another platoon was in a firefight so we all got out and helped with the clearing out of a small village. Once the village was Tango free the two platoons gathered and and made passing gestures signaling hello, what's up, all good, and thanks. This is when I see a group of older devil dogs that I knew in the Corps. Ssgt. chantaca, Sgt. Yarte, Sgt. Randell, Sgt. ? (but I know who he is) and Cpl.wiley. Word got to me that they were going to go on a pretty cool raid so I made sure to stay back with them. My platoon left... didn't even notice I was gone. I stayed with the other platoon and they didn't even notice I was there. We sat in place for about an hour for chow and water. I found an open spot in the back of an LAV. I was hanging out the scout hatch and I heard the VC scream out "'ve been made.. you all have been made" I look to the side of the LAV and behind to see my old platoon. They were dressed in ghillie suits. As I passed by them all I made eye contact with Texeria. he knew why I was going with the other guys.. he knew I was always looking for the fight. we drove a few more miles and stopped along the Helmand River. Ssgt. Chantaca with all the other Sgt and Cpl be gain briefing us. "okay fucks... this is a training exercise. Myself, Sgt. yarte, Sgt ?,Sgt Randell, and Cpl.wiley are going to swim out to the middle of the river. Lance's and privates will be 500 meters away from us. you will shoot our metal silhouettes. if u hit it.. u will hear a ding.. once you hear your ding you will then run to the river.. swim to us and swim back. get back in line and do it again. I was first in line. I shot.. hit the target and was told to swim.. I look over and I see Cpl. Cazares. he said I got you... u swam for me right over to ssgt chantaca. touched him and swam right back. He said if you would have went your plan would have been over. Cpl. Cazarez died 5 years ago on the night of this dream.