2 dreams (pt. 2)

Date: 6/30/2017

By clairegearhart

In this dream I was playing piano for this huge orchestra and we were playing this song, but these two people were not playing well so the teacher made everyone stop playing. He made them get on the floor in front of everyone and do fire hydrants. Then a spider started coming down from the ceiling and Eamon came out of no where to come and grab it. But it was GIANT NOW and it freaking landed on me so I closed my eyes and was basically crying because I was so disgusted until someone to it off. Then I woke up because I was so freaked out. Mira Pedone was there too. I think she was playing violin. Also there were super cute boys Ainsley and I were trying to impress and they seemed to like us, but this mean girl kept being annoying and was all over them.