No Escape

Date: 9/21/2019

By UniqueStarque

I was living in a corrupt society where we were fenced in. I broke a rule by climbing a wall to a higher road and then the authority pursued me. I ran into a store where I saw a man praying in the spirit as he was looking through clothes on a rack, I desperately asked him to help me. As he thought, I prayed in the spirit. He put clothing and a hat on me and put me under a clothes rack. As the authorities came into the store and search, they could not find me so I they left. I got out and thanked the man. He then disguised me and used a scarf so I looked like I was wearing something similar to a niqab, but I didn't think it would work well. Next, my friends and I attempted to escape the community as the authority pursued us, there were maybe four of us. We got to the outer wall, opened the door, just to find the ground surrounding the community was checkered with bomb, mines, and other sharp and explosive objects to keep people in. We tried to pass through the dangeroy objects littering the ground, but we were so slow that the authorities caught up to us and we were taken. End of dream. (What I can remember) P.s. the man in the store looked just like Robert Downy Jr. (Iron Man).