Reoccurring Dream. Month 2 1/2.

Date: 8/18/2017

By Alwaysstargazing

It started out in Paris. Though Paris was similar to the strip. The farther you went down the "Main Street" the closer you got to another part of the world/map ( farther down the street), the more things became bare. Not dissimilar to fading away/being erased by pixels. It lead to an odd place of safety, my view was always that of a eagles eye. Flying high, seeing the beauty of an untouched land. In the dream it was the Antarctic though you couldn't tell from the warmth and beautiful green landscape. It's a little hazel from here so I'll describe the best I can. There was water all around the Paris land. Some where Between a style of American idol/harry potter, I was in a military style run super Walmart esk store. There were rooms everywhere. Sound couldn't be heard through most of the doors. Not until they were opened that is. These people were being tested somehow. Some passed and lived. Others were dead when We arrived. Everything from people hanging to a persons worst fear being the thing that killed them. Then the mood got even darker. Walking around there were beautiful areas and scary as fuck areas. Chucky showed up in my dream but even as evil as he looked/moved he was helping me. For the most part. I dont remember what I was wearing around my neck but it felt like i was having a hard time breathing with it on. I had several "wake up in a dream and still be dreaming" moments ( which suck ass if you've never had one ). I know there were north things / places / things going on that happened but I don't know if I remember enough. Will write more soon.