Date: 7/30/2017

By Greenmintyunicorns

I was with my friends at a house building site.... her dog "molly" was roaming the area we looked away for a split second and our car along with molly was stolen- I went home to get my dad and they had just came back from Taco Bell. They also had little spinner firework things, I threw them at the guy who stole our car and we got it back. me and my friend are 11.. and we were driving! we finally found molly and brought her homewhen I went inside my friend's mom was awake she babysitting 3 dogs and 1 pooped then peed I walked out with the same looking dog but she was completely different later I Come back to the house and theres a man sitting on the front porch complaining that wife only lets half of him pee at a time • that was my friends dad!! He turned out to be the 2 look alike dogs!!!