Sobbing Man

Date: 2/21/2017

By unluckiest

I got tackled to the ground unexpectedly and the person who tackled me just laid on top of me and then started sobbing. They were practically crushing me and they started freaking the fuck out when I started moving out from under them after receiving no response to "please get off." They started making these frenzied animalistic noises and grabbing at my arms. Their hair covered their face and I remember thinking momentarily that they should act in a shampoo commercial. Anyway so they ended up mumbling incoherently while spasming on top of me and I was just The Concern. I ended up checking the pulse in the neck and not finding one. And so I said: "Shit, buddy, guess you're dead." And then asked three to four times if they needed medical help or if they were in shock. And then they randomly started speaking in Spanish and all I understood was something about picking a flower before it's bloomed. It could have totally been something else though. Beause, while I was exposed to a lot of it as a kid, I don't actually know it. Anyway so at that point I just shattered myself (I can disintegrate objects and people in dreams for some reason?) enough to move out from under him. And he didn't get up He just laid there, facedown in the dirt, crying and trembling. I was going to just leave, but then I felt bad about it and sat down next to the guy, patting his head until eventually he stopped weeping and his shaking was very mild. Then I asked what was wrong and all he said was "Look at me, I'm a pathetic fool." And then I woke up