Airports and phones?

Date: 8/5/2017

By Smidge_Midge

So I got off a plane somewhere and I wasn't supposed to get on another one but I had this list kinda thing of what and where I was supposed to go and I wanted to make sure I was in the right place so I asked a lady and she gave me shit for not calling my parents then i found out that I had to go and buy a new phone from Apple and so I searched the airport for Apple and it was really really really big airport and I got lost and I got in trouble a lot for getting lost and I found at&t and so I was like I'll just buy my phone there. So I went and then there was something else that happened but I can't remember and next thing I knew was I was in a towel like after I had gotten out of a shower and I was crying because I was lost and these guys took me away then it cut to me asking my dad if I could just wait to get my phone after I got home and he said sure. Then I got home and in our home we had cats and there was this weird cat that looked really mean when you went to pet it but my mom picked it up and held it and stuff and it was purring really loud and so I just left it alone and went upstairs and my grandparents were there and my dad said that I was being antsy because I wanted the new phone now I guess but I wasn't and my grandparents were telling me I had to get out of school and start a real job I guess? The end.