Date: 5/19/2017

By zekvom

I was in a huge city that I had come back to after many years of conquering. Turns out I was one of the most powerful conjurers to have ever lived even though I was still in my beginning years of the art. Anyways back in the city there was a gathering of magic users and the like at a skyscraper and I had some rather devious plans. Once all gathered I decided to act on my plan! I had conjured a small army of cyborg dinosaurs clad in black. I began attacking every one along with my evil spawns and wreak havoc at the convention. Friends and foes alike almost every one died and the skyscraper was starting to fall apart. As I was about to fly off I noticed that three of them were still alive... not having it in me to lose all my humanity I helped this child. I took the baby to a safe spot with another survivor that would be able to escape the skyscraper with the baby alive before it crumbled. As I left the skyscraper behind me was finally falling and with no one left to stop me, I looked upon the city I was about to destroy, knowing that I had much left to do...