Padded police van

Date: 3/21/2017

By Jadders

I sat outside of a cafe looking place while on my phone watching funny cat videos. When a bunch of people across the road from me all just started attacking each other. I stopped looking at my phone and just sat staring at them, wondering what the heck was going on. Then a load of police cars and vans turned up to try and sort out the situation. I still sat there just watching it all happen. At one point, one of the women picked up an axe. In shock, I accidently dropped my phone. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned around to stare at me. I leant forward to pick up the phone, and as I came back up, the police and everyone else were slowly walking towards me with tasers, knives, axes, and other weapons all pointing at me. They kept telling me to "stay calm we are here." Still sat in my chair. The next thing I know is someone put their hand on my face, and I couldn't move.. (as if i was hypnotised) they then put restraints on my ankles and wrist (them padded soft ones you get in hospitals), but they weren't attached to anything. As they were putting them on, they would say, "we are just giving you these special bracelets. You behave, and it will all be okay. Okay?". A couple of people opened up the back of the police van, and the rest picked me up and put me in there. It was all padded. It was like a padded cell on wheels. I kept hearing them all mumbling, saying, "I can't believe people still get like this. " I was laid down, and they closed the doors. Even though I wasn't restrained down to anything, I felt as if I was.. I was unable to move anyway, and with the 'special' bracelets on, I felt I'd never be able to move.

AI generated interpretation This dream appears to be an expression of a sense of powerlessness and vulnerability in the face of chaos and threat. The setting of the dream, a peaceful location that suddenly becomes a scene of violence and chaos, may reflect a feeling that either in one's personal or professional life unexpected events or emotional outbursts may disrupt a sense of balance and safety. The fact that the dreamer is not involved in the violent altercation but merely observes it may suggest a feeling of being an outsider, detached from the emotional turmoil of others. The arrival of police, instead of bringing a sense of security, exacerbates the sense of threat as the different weapons they carry, including tasers, knives, and axes, suggest a level of aggression that is frightening to the dreamer. The focus on the dreamer dropping their phone and then accidentally drawing attention to themselves adds an element of embarrassment and shame. The restraint placed on the dreamer seems to be related to a sense of powerlessness and a perception of being controlled or trapped. The fact that it is padded and like a cell may indicate a feeling of being boxed in, either by external circumstances or internal thoughts and emotions. The emphasis on the "special" bracelets, which are not attached to anything, may suggest a feeling of being manipulated or gaslighted, with the dreamer being told that these are for their own good but, in reality, feeling trapped and helpless. Overall, this dream may signify the dreamer's need to regain a sense of control in a circumstance where they feel powerless or threatened.