Date: 5/11/2017

By torresa001

Written on the morning after. 1. Took place in a bunk house or tent with beds. There was a war going on outside. Me and five others were sending a signal to put our plan into effect (escape?). But somehow a weird musical beat sounded and it was going to reveal our plan but one of the guys played it off by rapping to the beat. He made up a really cool, funny rap to distract the other people. As he was doing it I was walking around and saw pineapple spilt around the beds of the people in on the plan. It was the signal. So I picked it up like It was spilt by someone else, I even asked one of the other people if they knew who dropped it there, so they wouldn't catch on to our botched plan. At some point later, maybe after other dreams, I was in the tent and we got word through a periscope thing that the evil boss wanted to talk to each of us. I set up the periscope for the first person and she looked in and he went off about trying to escape, she asked why he was saying that and mumbled that he got caught too, he was trying to cover up he was on our side. I passed it to the next guy and told him not to worry about what was going to be said cause he was on our side. 2.there were two other dreams I totally remembered when I woke up but forgot after I finished writing the first one.