Date: 7/23/2019

By richellebucks

I had a dream that I was talking to this long lost friend of mine in my middle school auditorium. We were catching up and he was telling me about how he had sex with this pretty brownskin girl. She had curly purple hair and she was super pretty. Then we went to the grocery store together and talked some more. I was starting to like him. Then we went to my house, but my aunt and her husband were in my parents room so we couldn’t make much noise. He was in my house for a few hours and then I decided it’s time for him to go. I washed my face and got into bed to watch tv. Then he came into my room and laid by me and we cuddled. I actually liked it. But then my mom came in the house, so I mad him hide beside the bed. But as we were doing that, she came in the room. At first she didn’t notice but then she saw me looking at him and smiling at him beside the bed, and she saw him. She told him to get out and then told my uncle in law. My uncle in law called the police, for no reason because what he did wasn’t a crime lol. Anyway then the dream ended.