Hide And Seek w/Jaycob(scary)

Date: 2/11/2017

By marinnovak

me and my family at the time were living in my old old house on the west side in the two story house. it was pretty late because it was dark and we decided to play tag/ hide and seek. we were running from a little boy who was my cousin about 4 years younger than me because he was "it". my neighborhood was a dead end neighborhood. it was a long road with a circle and the end for cars to turn around because it was a dead end. we were running and hiding all up and down our road, remember, there was a light at the end of the road where the dead end was and there was a tall wall remember that. now we were playing and running around having a good time, then I was "it" I found my cousin hiding behind one of the neighbors cars and now I had to find my brother. my brother is 20 now and he's pretty tall. our house was kinda at the start of the neighborhood one of the first ones so I had to squint my eyes to see a figure standing clearly up against the wall at the end of the neighborhood. I yelled his name and ran up to him because it was clearly my brother, same height, Same skinny lengthy body, and same head shape. once I started running towards him i was right it was him and I found him. for some reason my mom haves us come inside I think it was for dinner by that time in my dream it's pitch black outside with only that one light at the end of the block. I'm in front of my house now and my mom was standing with me telling me dinner is ready,my cousin already went inside because I saw him,, but I never saw my brother inside. right at that moment a car came flying down the road tires screeching and it parked at the house next to the light and went into the garage. my mom and I just thought it was a crazy drunk person. my mom started going inside and I still thought my brother was out here hiding from me since i was still "it". since I was looking towards the end of the block because of the crazy driver, I saw a tall lengthy body the height of my brother standing up against the wall. this wall was only about 7 houses down. it looked exactly like my brother and he hid there before so I automatically assumed it was him. assuming it was him I yelled "jaycob it's time for dinner!!!" really loud so he could here me. the figures head looked towards me because it heard me and stared at me. I yelled again the same thing. my mom came out and what she said made my heart drop. "he already came inside he's sitting on the couch, come on." once she said that I looked back at the figure and it was a couple feet closer and the light went out once I looked at it. I ran inside and told everyone to lock all the doors and windows because he's coming. I told my brother what just happened and he said he experienced the same thing, with a little girl who he thought was me but was actually just a figure walking towards him when he was behind a car. he ran of course not wanting to be "it" clearly, I never found him behind a car, only my cousin. Demons are said to mimick, voice or figure.. So could a shapeshifter.