Old man haircut at janitorial room at Dairy Queen.

Date: 7/29/2017

By poseidon0618

An old man who seemed a little Bitchy (could be our neighbor who is actually very friendly) asked me to book him an appointment to cut his hair.......at 5:30am! I was indecisive and hesitant to cut hair at that time. This was in a random room which somehow turned into the janitorial room of the Dairy Queen we used to go to in Merritt island. After that, I somehow ended up in front of Dairy Queen and was handed ice cream on a stick that was chocolate covered and also had chocolate chips on the shell. It looked delicious but I had only a couple bites because the ice cream (not the shell) was chocolate and I only like vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips in it. I took it back to them and they exchanged it for vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate. I think the dream ended there.