Work adventure/Childhood encounter

Date: 6/24/2016

By DreamWeirdo

My dream started out with my boss giving us all an assignment of complimenting each other's shoes and whoever gives the most compliments wins. I then left my station and galavanted to my brothers station. We were driving in our work truck and a lady ended up hitting us head on. She gets out and starts throwing apples at us and it turned out to be Uzo Aduba from orange is the new black. She backed off and my brother ends up showing me something. It was a work secret that there was a body of a woman intricately planted in the tree. I was disgusted as I noticed the toes from the feet, it didn't look like a woman's foot but I left. I met this guy on tinder who bullied me a little. He wanted to take things to the next level. The interesting thing was he had a job similar to mine when I was younger as a camp counselor.