Multi-continental hide n seek

Date: 2/14/2019

By xCaligo

Me and a few other random people were playing hide and seek except this was like ultimate hide and seek overall several continents. We were ony given vary few survival supplies, which was like a class or kit. I had chosen the water maker which had a water filter. At the beginning there was thos orientation like thing that showed you the path that you had to stay in in order to not be picked up by radar and disqualified. After we were sent on our ways, I started talking to two of the people I had befriended and we started talking about how people that spoke multiple different languages were at an advantage as well as why there werent as many hispanic basketball refs. The dream fast forwarded to us in some middle eastern country and a teammate and I saw this rally or something for children who weren’t allowed to go to school or something along those lines. I didnt know what they were saying but I joined them on this broken down car and sat on the roof. One of the little girls climbed up to me and gave me a hug. I hugged her back and kissed her on this bald spot on the top of her curly hair. It felt greasy but I didnt complain. My team moved on and we made it into the woods i used my water filter thing on puddle. The thing was called like a Colorado canteen or somthing like that. Never heard of it in real life. We had seen people prowling around what we thought was the base, so our weeks of travel had almost paid off. We tryed moving forward in stealth, but one of my teammates had stepped outside the zone and I could see this border (fortnite style) that he passed through. We had been spotted bu the radar. Fortunately another group had burst out of the clearing and started sprinting toward the base. The base wasnt what I had originally expected, it was a playground. Guarded by like 50 little kids. We hoped over this fenced walkway to go hide in the woods again. Infilled up my canteen again, not sure why. We would either win or be caught in the next few minutes. We snuck up to the pathway again still outside the main fence and kept creeping closer to the gate that led into this park. When a group came in again from the same spot last time, we took our cue and sprinted for it I had curved around to the right hoping to get morr distance between the biggest pack of little kids. My teamates had split up from me and were all being pursued my a whole crew. I stopped and look at the wood pit and saw this one kid staring at me evily it was the same kid who had trash talked us after playing him in soccer (they sucked). And I began to run. I juked him right and continued to pick up speed and I was inches from the coral and I jumped. One knee up one knee back like in long jump and he tagged me. My foot inches away from touching down on the ground but it never did, I just continued to float forward, i had lost, multi continent game of hide and seek to a short cocky middle schooler. I float slowly to the ground I had jumped like a good 30 ft into the pit.