I was on top of a building with two other people one was Joey and some girl idk and I'm not sure why we was up there but it was one of the highest buildings in the sky. The two people I was with went on these two balance beams that was on opposite ends from the building. I remember this building being like almost round or like a top of a mushroom shape roof . I kind of went near the edge to look down to see how high up we was and instantly filled with terror. I started to panic and back away slowly on all fours and I could feel my arms and legs shaking with fear. As I went to step off to safety I felt the weight of the whole.building shift like I was on a big teeter totter. My two friends was still at the ends of these beams and was struggling to keep their balance when I tried to leave so I stayed like Frozen in fear for a while unsure of what I could do. Eventually fear got the better of me and I quickly leapt off the building onto what seemed like a safe zone and I remember thinking in my dream if I do it fast enough that it'll somehow not interfere with my friends. When I jumped off I watched as they both tried to catch themselves and struggle to keep balance but the one girl lost it and I watched as she feel off the building. Only to respon like a video game back in the same position as she was in on the beam

Date: 4/6/2019

By LadyRachel