My mom and I got ’kidnapped’

Date: 7/30/2019

By iishgenosisii

I was at the store with my mom for a while. She went somewhere for a while then found me, she looked really upset. She told me ‘we’re getting kidnapped’ even thought no one touched us no one took us and we were in public perfectly find. Someone told her they kidnapped us and she believes it. I couldn’t say anything about it tho I got sad. She said we had to go home and pack something. When we stoped in front of my house my mom asked me if I was full from spaghetti yesterday and I told her yes and she said good because after that for the next couple of days we might starve. I asked her if the ‘kidnapper’ knew where we were and she said she didn’t and I was mentally struggling with her because I wanted to say she dumb for believing this and that’s not how kidnapping works, but I loved her so I didn’t say anything much about it.