high school friends

Date: 4/29/2017

By dreamvan

I had a dream about some of my high school friends, including Sarah, Maggie, Vicky, Don and Neal. It took place in a school that was much bigger than my old one. It was part of a large city. In places the halls were continuous with city streets like a kind of mall. There was a food court. There were several episodes I don't remember very well. Then I was at my locker. Don and Neal were at their lockers nearby on the other side of the hall. Neal (who was my neighbor and best friend in grade school, though we were less close later on) went away without saying anything. I started telling Don about my friends from high school (strange meta conversation). Then there was a violent storm or some other natural disaster coming. Everyone had to go to different classrooms because of this. I got lost trying to find my class. I went into a room and two of my friends were sitting in there in the dark waiting for everyone else to arrive. they were supposed to give a seminar that day. Sarah was there and the other one was a mashup of Maggie and Vicky (which makes little sense because they were not alike and had little to do with one another in real life, but in the dream this person was both Maggie and Vicky). Then I was telling Don how my friends got together in high school. I went to grade school with Sarah, Maggie and Neal, and a bunch of others in that group who didn't appear in the dream (I knew most of them from grade 3). Don and his sister Vicky came from the other school in our town but we became friends in high school (this much is true). Then I told him a story (not true but in the dream it was) about how I orchestrated the group getting together by talking to Vicky and asking for her help. The Don person I was talking to said it was nice of the real Don's sister to help.