Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

I just remember the astronomy part of the dream. Me and some others I don't remember were in a car driving alongside some mountains at night. I was in the back left seat of the car looking out the window. It was pretty cloudy out, so you couldn't really see any stars, but at some point the clouds began to thin out and I could see a few stars shining through here and there. I think I remember seeing three in a row (like Orion's belt). While I was watching out the window seeing what I could see, the clouds broke and revealed these magnificent blue glowing constellations just above the tops of the mountains. They had so many stars making them up that their forms were unmistakable. The first one from the left was a deer standing and facing towards the next ones which were, I think, tigers laying down facing me. There were others too, I just cant remember what they were. I just remember feeling so awestruck and excited to write about them in my field notebook (I've had to maintain one for my astronomy class this semester). I think in another later part of the dream I was starting to write about them, but I opened my Sky Guide app to get the direction they were in, and I couldn't find them anywhere. I was getting upset. Then I really woke up and realized that they weren't real at all, but I'm hoping that this is one of those dreams that you don't forget because it really was beautiful.