My dad betraying me. (nightmare)

Date: 2/17/2017

By amsaibyatola

This is a recurring dream. I have been having it since i was 6 years old. It starts off with me as a little six year old holding my dads hand as we are walking. We're in what i think is not an abandoned amusement park but one that is on its last leg. Looks gloomy and dark barely anyone working at the rides. Me and my dad are the only visitors. So its night time and we are walking to an ice cream stall inside the park because my dad said we should get ice cream. We get to the stall there is a male worker standing in front of it leaning on it with his hands in his pockets. He didn't need to be behind the counter because there was no one there to serve so he was just standing in front. My dad doesn't even talk to him just hands my hand to him and he takes it and my dad just walks away doesn't even look back at me or says a word to me. then i feel the worker holding my shoulders tight as to keep me from running away to catch my dad. So i was just stuck there not able to move and not able to fully process what was happening or why it was happening i am just watching my dad walk away from me and fade slowly. Sometimes this dream recurs in a slightly similar version. Where we walk up to a ride holding hands like before and again he hands me off to the worker of the ride but in this version the worker hands my dad cash then my dad walks off as usual. So he is basically trading me for money. I wish i knew what this dream meant.