'Your never the only one' inspiration for the book im going to write if i get good reviews lol

Date: 7/8/2019

By lorrenzzo

It began with a dream that occurred a long time ago like a year ago or less (so it was kind of a part 2). I had powers which gave me the ability to move faster, have more strength and fly sometimes (emphasis on the sometimes because it didnt always work lol) but i had to take the energy from anything electrical, because i had electricity as my power (how others with powers would only know because when you use your powers you emit waves of colour). I emit yellow waves from my arms to my fingertips and my eyes go yellow. So somehow because it had been such a long time ago since i had to use my powers i was very VERY rusty, so me and my friend (we will call her Hailey and i will be called elle) were walking to school and it was a pretty normal day it was cloudy but not too bad. We made it to lunch performing well in every subject/class and then when the bell rings we meet up together and begin to walk along a corridor (it was quiet which was a bit odd but not out of the ordinary). We spotted a boy who was about a year younger than us and he was also a bit smaller, he was just standing there staring at me, I looked at my friend and we laughed it off and we got about 10 centimetres away from him and thats when i got a weird gut feeling but i ignored it (imagine this in slow motion because this is how it played out). My friend took a step closer to the boy (we will call him dylan) and he just moved infront of her to block the way, so my friend being my friend she tried to push him out of the way (thats the only way how you get things done in our school) but he was still stood still, he hasnt moved an inch so my friend looks at me with a 'wtf' expression and i just do the same, i walk up beside her and i stare slightly down to make eye contact with the boy, i was getting pretty irritated because we were missing lunch, "what's your problem huh" i said loudly, He replyed feircly "you", now at this point in time this guy was really pissing me off so I tried to ram him out of the way and it pushed him back a tiny bit. I then noticed he had a really shocked look on his face, "hahahaha what has no-one ever hit you" Hailey said still laughing, dylan ignored her and stared at me dead in the eyes, we both looked slightly agitated now just staring at each other and he said quietly "what powers do you have? i saw your eyes" at this moment my whole life felt like disappearing, i had never told a soul about my abilities apart from Hailey, i had no idea what to do so I decided to interrogate dylan. "How do you know that?" I said angrily, he replyed the same way "because i have powers and i thought i was the only one", "p*ss off"i said sort of brushing the whole thing off, "how do your eyes go yellow?" He asked, "wtf, and how would you have seen or known that?" I said anxiously, "i saw your eyes when you got mad right before you hit me," . Right before i could reply he pushed my friend and she fell, i was so livid so i gave her a reassuring look and i heard her say extremely quiet "dont use it unless you have to," i threw my hand in the air and the light went off and a beam of electricity flowed around my hand then around my body, dylan stood there amazed but quickly shook it off and grabbed his water bottle from his bag (it was a pretty big bottle) and it burst open and all the water flowed around his arm, i realised he was much less experienced than me with his abilities and that the water didnt flow all the way around him, i grinned evily and shot a bolt of electricity at him and it peirced right through him leaving him in pain and shock, he threw his hand towards the ground facing me and water gushed out everywhere and he ran away, i had to think fast as electricity and water dont mix well so i hovered above the water and consumed the electricity and my eyes glowed, the water moved away and i turned around to my friend as my eyes went back to normal, she was shell shocked "not gonna lie that was so cool!" I replyed "yeah but dont tell anyone haha," I helped lift her up to her feet then i picked up my bag, we got on with the day and didn't see dylan for the rest of the week ---- to be continued (: