Date: 3/13/2017

By LionFoot65

Me and this girl I don't really know IRL which I'll call Sandy, were working together on this project to save the world (or something like that) but we didn't talk much because our mentors assign us to do different tasks. Also our mentors were too guys who lived together but they weren't gay lol. After I helped them with some things I was suddenly at my house with some friends including Sandy and a friend I know IRL, Isreal and I think me little brother might have been there too. We were sitting around the kitchen table when we suddenly started asking each other if we had ever tried DMT before and then Isreal was like "Yeah that's the drug that's active when we dream." And then I asked him "what about the crystal version of it where you vaporize it?" He said no so I decided to let him try some but he never did because we were supposed to go on a mission. In the mission, we were supposed to set off an alarm at the border patrol station between Mexico and Texas which we did and border patrol started chasing us and since we had a back up plan, my friends jumped into this trash can looking hole. When we got there, some things happened which I forgot about but I do remember that there was something that looked really interesting that I was about to approach until I saw that there were three very large white wolves with a light blue aura around them and I almost woke them up. Thats the last thing I remember.