Held down

Date: 6/13/2017

By Kabuki

I had this dream a while ago as well, and it is also one of the freakiest and most vivid dreams I had ever had. It started off as a normal dream would, this isn't the vivid part. I remember having to get ready for school, being late, but ending up watching the tv for some odd reason. All the sudden everything got dizzy except for the tv, and I saw a tall figure just teleporting around me. I didn't pay any attention or mind to it, thinking "if I don't look at it it'll go away". But eventually and I don't know why, I looked up at its face. This is where it got super vivid. I thought I had woken up, fully alert and aware, thinking, "holy shit that was a scary dream" but then when I went to re-adjust I couldn't. It wasn't like sleep paralysis, I know because I was still dreaming and could move some of my body, but it was like something was pushing down on my back just to the point of where I couldn't move more then my hands, feet, etc. I then hear a voice behind me say "You just had to look didn't you" and I remember tearing up like what the fuck I'm going to die someone's in my house or something paranormal is happening help, and after a few seconds the hand (it felt like a hand, not just some random force) lifted off and I was able to move but when I turned around to look I went back into dream world, not fully aware of surroundings, I remember seeing an anime girl and going on an adventure with her or some shit. The beginning and last part wasn't the creepy part, I have strange scary dreams like that all the time, it was that hand when I had thought I woke up. It was so real, so vivid, you know that feeling after you wake up from a bad dream and are like what the fuck, that feeling where you know this is real, you just have your gut feeling like you can't do anything bad because this ain't no dream that you can bend to your will, etc. Needless to say I was jumpy for a while after that.