Fortune Teller

Date: 8/21/2017

By booitsedith

I was with Imelda, Ofelia, Arnold and Yuri (my sibilings and cousin) and we had arrived at an unknown street in Paramount California. We were hanging outside waiting for my other cousins to arrive so we can leave together. We all got tired of waiting and wandered off, we saw a house that said Palm Reader so I told my sister Imelda lets go inside right now like if it was something I had to do like fate or something was calling me. At first just me and my sister Imelda go inside the rest of my family had gone to a liquor store to get snacks. At first I was scared because there was this little kid before me all by himself getting his palm read. However, I couldn't hear anything they were saying. Another lady distracts me and asks me what I would like and I say palm read. By that time all of my family had returned back eating their snacks watching me waiting what she was going to say about my future. So I waited and the kid was done but what was weird was that the little kid before me stayed there standing right beside me listening, like he didn't want to leave he wanted to hear what she was going to say. So the Palm Reader starts, my sister Imelda is standing right behind me. At first the palm reader was like oh you have an interesting palm at the same time she was flipping cards and reading my palm. There were some other things she had said but they are all fuzzy to me now something about a career and having a kid. And then her face turns serious and sort of surprised but compassionate. She then says your life seems to stop. I immediately say what does that mean? She says I can't see past and you're in Europe. Saying in a more nicer then upfront you are going to die at 31 and you're in Europe. So I stand up thinking about it. No one says anything total silence and then we just all leave. That's when I wake up.