Remembering what I casted off

Date: 5/26/2019

By bigdreamer

My friends and I all went camping except we were in these metal cabins. The girls wanted their own cabin,so my teacher let us find one. My dad was a chaperone and a couple of the chaperones found my tik tok account. I got so mad and my dad was mad, he said what are you posting on here? He talked at me in front of everyone about not hiding things from him. So I ran out of the chaperone cabin and into the first cabin we went to. I jumped into a humongous bed with three of my guy-friends, Eli, A, and Ev. Two Of them, Eli and A immediately woke up and Eli got a bit annoyed at me. I was crying so A went outside with me. We were now in my schools'parking lot. I told A what had happened and put my arm around his shoulder. He shoved it off, im pretty sure he liked me, and he said "you know I like you,why are you using me to store all your problems in?" I realized that I feel like I use people and have a humor to cover it up.