Mutant Survival Game

Date: 3/3/2017

By jaymz

I remember me, my friend Mason, and my friend Pierce, were on this long like pathway, but it was floating in space. Our objective was to go on this floating path, it was green and grassy, but there were red obstacles that we had to get over, and we used for cover. We shot mutants and we kept going onwards. But then, we came to a point where I wanted to turn back. I knew if I went back I'd have to rekill everything, and it would be hard but I knew there was something back at the start that I really wanted to get. So we went back and they came with me. It was a cabin on a big floating square. I went into the basement of the cabin, and was searching for something, and then I heard the mutants and pierce and Mason were getting overrun. Was it worth it? That's the end of my dream and I woke up.