Trying to get into a big building

Date: 4/23/2017

By emjaynehill

I don't know why, but me and a group of friends were determined to get into this big, creepy building with high security. Every time we tried we got closer, but something always happened to stop us. One time, I was standing in a corner talking to a chef asking why she feeds certain people during the day and other people during the night, whilst my friends were trying to find a way to get in. A few hours ago, the same chef had kicked us out when she found us. But she didn't recognise me. Basically, when we got to this one room we had to go on rapid treadmill to shoot us out the window: "The thing you're looking for is out there," the chef told us, and pointed towards the window with arrows guiding us around the sky. She kicked us out after, but we planned to go back. We saw that she was posting on Twitter that she was home, thus giving us a second (or third) chance to get in. But this time, I stopped. I told them I couldn't do this anymore. "Guys, one of the cops is staring right at us!" I said. "Don't you want to get in that building?" another person asked rhetorically. We were about to walk around a corner when I stopped and said, "Let's just go. I don't feel like getting shot tonight." Everyone was disappointed in me, but they all wanted it more than I did. We only wanted to get in that building out of curiosity of what was in there. And then I woke up.