Action dream

Date: 4/7/2017

By weirddetails

So I have a Tesco induction tomorrow but I thought it was today and that I missed it. Next thing, I'm going to the induction, getting into the building and there are hundreds of people. There are 2 rooms, a huge one, and a small one. I ignore the small one where people were queuing and I go to the big one. They send me back to register in the small one. I'm in the small room and the floor starts to bend forward and everyone tries to grip on something, then it bends the other way. It wasn't odd at all and the explanation didn't concern me that much. Now something changed! I was by myself in that small room, I go out in the huge entrance and a guy is passing by. At that moment I know I have to hide. He pulls out the gun. Next moments are blurry but I manage to push the door and get outside. I run around the building and hide behind a wall. I see him go past me and I'm safe, but I know he is coming back. Next thing I remember is that I am inside, in the big room and everyone is in there, chained to the floor. I dont remember the reason but it was scary. Now I'm observing and I feel like I'm not part of the story but I know peoples thoughts. A woman (who might have been me for the entire time) is trying to escape, I know it! She's trying to distract everyone. Now it gets funny because she is threatening to poo on the sofa that the other chained people were meant to use. I don't remember what happened after but I thing I escaped and started running again. It might have been a loop. Do loop dreams exist?