Tingling Sensations and Phantom Voices

Date: 2/28/2019

By floatingtreea

I had a dream within a dream. Unfortunately, I cannot recall what occurred in the second dream that was embedded in the first one but I do remember waking up from it back into the world of the first dream. When I ‘awoke’, I found my body to be paralyzed. The easiest thing to move were my eyes and my hands. The only issue was that my hands had fallen asleep so they were numb. I shook them vigorously until a familiar tingling sensation arose, indicating that it was waking up. However, the tingling sensation only became worse, twisting into this sort of electric shock feeling. It was horrendous and as I shook my hands again, it made this awful noise like when in a factory or lab controlling electric waves and lightning. Suddenly, my sister, who’s bed is positioned right behind me on the opposite end of the room begins to mumble from beneath her sheets. She’s saying something about the noise — how she can never get any sleep with such immense distractions. She told me repeatedly to shut off the noise but I could not and eventually became more worried as it progressed, forming, at some point, this blue hue with little branches around my hands. Finally, I could move around, so I twisted to look at her bed. It was empty. No one but my cat, Myma was on it. I furrowed my brows, confused. So I shuffled about to peer down below at the carpet beneath our beds. She was not there either. Just her emptied suitcase from our visit to grandma’s.