2 Dreams

Date: 6/8/2019

By BattleGuy

1st Dream I watched a movie starring Tom Hanks where in the end he kills his teamate and I couldn't stop thinking of. Later I'm in class where I see on my phone aliens invaded earth and destroy most of the land but life lived on. 2nd Dream I'm at a school with several characters from the game Yandere Simulator and the anime kakegurui. I try gambling on something and loose and give up before I loose anymore. Then I head to a store to buy a movie when I suddenly take on the body of someone else who is using a spell book to get revenge on someone who turns out to be Kizana. I get stopped by the police and Sam and Dean from the TV show Supernatural and try to use the spell book on them but it doesn't work and I jump in a river to escape while leaving the spell book behind.