Date: 5/24/2017

By Lyzen

Note: I had that dream couple months ago which got partly realtime events and is also partly Lucid (Which i am really happy about haha). Discoved the app today and thought id share it with people who had similar dreams. It was a dream about my Exboyfriend. Altough im married now. He will remain my deep Desire. ######### He walked me down the Road back to my House. Im nervous. We havent seen eachother in years. We used to date... Memories of our past flash before my Eyes. I was still in a relationship... he dated along with me 3 other Girls... He was my "Sweet Secret"... the Forbidden Apple. He ditched me in the End. And i ended my Relationship back then aswell. Been single since then... But here he is. He messaged me couple weeks prior... "Do you still hate me?" It was 3AM in the morning.. i was getting ready for work. My Body was frozen the moment i saw his message.. i knew it was him. I dont know why.. thinking back i dont know what went through my mind. "Why should i hate you? Hate is an emotion wasted on someone like you." And here we are... In front of my Door. Chatting like old Friends like nothing happend. He told me prior he has the urge to kiss me. I told him that woudnt happen. Im smarter than now then i was back then. How wrong i was.. I stood on the step that made me slightly taller. He didnt realized. "Did you grow taller?" I grinned, and stepped down. He realised his mistake turned around and started laughing and before i knew what happend he turned around pushed me against the door wraped his one arm around my hips and with his other he hold my head and gave me a long sensitive kiss. I coudnt resist. I embraced ever second. I wrapped my my hands around him, lifted his shirt, felt his skin. I can feel his erection pressing against me. "Can i touch your breasts?" he whisperd. I hesitated.. "Yes.." His hand was wandering down. Stroking the fabric.. and tickling the skin underneath. He slipped his hand under my shirt. My body is screaming for attention. Slowly moving. Touching every inch of me while moving his hands upwards. "Youre so soft.." I exhaled.. trying to keep my breathing under control. I cant give in i said to myself. And yet my entire body is acting against my will. "Can we go inside?.." he looked at me. His breathing heavy. ######### Well thats it for now.. I kinda wanna check first if im allowed to post more..well.. intimate details about my dream here. lol.