locked in

Date: 6/22/2017

By Max_Steuer

It started with me being trapped in a small dark. area with another boy. I had no idea what was going on but there would be flashes of days going by where someone would open it and give us food. after talking with the other boy I found out we had been there for three years trapped. after finding out I was furious so the next person that came to feed us got a piece of my mind. somehow he felt bad for us and he agreed to help me escape so I said only if you help him too. the next day we were brought into a room where I was greeted by my 10th grade A&P teacher. she was there to help us despite my obvious curiosity as to why. she began creating some mixture and she told us to drink it and obviously I asked why so she explained that we had security devices implanted in us so if we leave the building an alarm will go off and we'll be captured. the mixture supposedly dampens the device for enough time to get out of the building undetected so she hands them to us and the other boy just looked at it as if he was highly considering what could be in the mixture and if it would make him gag or not so I just thought screw it and I drank the mixture so then we proceeded out of the room into the main building and I spotted my irl girlfriend sitting on a bench talking to someone so I ran to her. I say irl because she didn't seem to act like we had any kind of relationship. when I got to her the woman she was talking to stared at me with a smile as if she knew me and all of a sudden she offered me a job at a university. at this point I was extremely confused but she proceeded to say that my irl girlfriend has told her a lot about me and she would love to have me work for her so as I accepted a man that works at the building came running at me and he said I must come back with him so I lost it and I looked him dead in the eye and yelled "you kept me in there for 3 fucking years!!! I'm never coming back here!!!". after that I ran out of the building and into the woods outside and then I woke up... This is only my second dream record on here so please leave a comment, I'd love to get to know some new people here.