Mortem a apparatus

Date: 3/28/2017

By kcheeku98

It starts with me in a yellow suit with a cable and I'm climbing. I scale the mountain eventually and I reach the Ottawa flying club. I ask for a c150, they say there's another student who needed the last one and wondered if I was fine with an extra booking on another day, I was so I headed home.At a bus stop where I had to switch buses, my mother was waiting for me with my dog. I played with my dog for a bit and combed her hair, then I continued my trip back home. At home I made something by mixing rice and chicken broth and for some reason I was eating it in the loft storage, and I kinda spilt some so I was sent to my room and they took down the paintings that I had made and hung up years ago, this upset me.When I went upstairs to my room my father was looking at an old photo, it was a man with a beard and was wearing military fatigue, I asked if he knew the man, my father laughed.Later that day I left two write a test in the format that everyone who passed a test wrote another progressively harder test, this was some sort of entrance exam so it wasn't critical. Around my third test, I'm back in the yellow suit and they randomly ask me to leave the premises. I am confused but I comply. As I leave there's a few shots fired and a Jeep hurries over and I'm told to get in, in the panic I do, the driver asked what I'm doing out there, as I look out everything was being shot at and the Jeep was escorting POWs to a refugee camp. I get off at a hospital after seeing that my belly was bleeding, I go in and am told to wait in a certain room. I get to the room and there's another patient admitted there, it was my sister, her skin was kind of purple and I saw that she was on some sort of sedative. The pain was numbed out by the panic but now I could feel it, it was a pain more akin to sadness, so I take the drip with the sedative and put it into myself. A few hours later, I see my sister arguing and my purple body on a bed, the nurse said that I had become a vegetable due to an overdose.