Date: 7/30/2017

By sum

I usually have dreams where I am swimming. Most likely in the same pool, which I've never been to in my life but it's the same pool every time. I'm usually swimming towards people, swimming the opposite direction as them and sometimes colliding with them. This morning I had a dream I was swimming, but it was really strange. It first started with me at a dance for high school. I went alone but ended up with this guy. For some reason we both ended up on the floor and doing sexually things with one another. He got mad and left I don't know why. Then the dance was over and everyone was rushing outside to get home. But I didn't end up at home. I tried getting home by jumping from building to building, from the sidewalk to on top of a roof. Almost getting hit by cars. It was like being spiderman without the webs. I some how ended up on shipping containers, I tried jumping from one to another but ended up in open water. I swam to another dock and asked a guy for help. Then it cuts to me at my neighbors house looking and searching the house for something, secretly without them knowing I was there. He didn't care because I got really dizzy all of a sudden and he got concerned. That's when I woke up Lucid maybe ? But the whole time I was searching for my way home, or searching for the guy that left me at the dance.