Creating, pool side race

Date: 6/25/2017

By TheNagual

Vague disconnected dream sequences of me as The Godfather. At times my hair was slicked back and I had henchmen at my sides. I was powerful because I had the ability to create multiple things with accuracy and success. I had a constant flow of releasing energy. First there was a long stretch of a clear water river flowing in the setting of a green fat away meadow. I was sitting in the river enjoying the silent meadow and gentle stream. There was another man who swam laps around the river and would jump out of the water, get extremely cold, scream, and then jump back in. The sequence changes, now it's an indoor circular lap pool in the dark. A large crowd of people were performing races. It was like I was in swim again. I really did not want to participate in this game but did so anyways hoping to win. At some point I had to wear an ice mask that blinded me and my goal for the lap was to avoid people while being simultaneously blind. This was a difficult task and at some point I stopped and was taking to Nicks Mom while looking at a computer she was showing me. Nick and I leave, it was dark and lite up with street lamps outside. I had lost my keys and phone and Nick retrieved then from a man we were mocking. At some point we wander across a bingo game and see access to rows of candy and goods that we wanted to steal. Other men showed up and are cover was blown. There was a jar of free weed, you had to be at least 20 years old to take a sample.