Vivid dream and Germany ?

Date: 7/17/2017

By sum

Okay so this one is a lot, and very vivid. It starts out with me going over to Germany, I remember the name Germany and seeing colors of yellow, black and red. I'm staying with a family for an exchange program I think? Something like that. I stay with this girl as we explore her neighborhood. I remember vividly a stone bridge, and talking to her mother as it crumbled to the ground. It was very small. It led from the hill her house was on to about 15 feet to another small hill. I remember trees, and a lot of buildings in the trees. Then this girl and I went to my hometown, which I have no idea where it was. But there are a bunch of tall buildings that's of old architecture that is definitely not from the 21st or even 20th century. It had a bunch of stone and we looked down upon statues of horses and people scattered in what seemed to be a courtyard. I planned to take her somewhere, but I woke up before I found out where. I think I was planning on taking her to a school, a college.