New room

Date: 7/19/2019

By dizzzy

I got new roommates and was moving into a new apartment. I showed up to some event where a bunch of girls were sitting at a long table, and my new roommate was sitting on the end. We greeted each other and excitedly started talking. I told her I liked her hair and that it was cool that we’re both redheads. “No I’m not,” she said. I was confused because she did have red hair, but whatever. The activity ended and I went to the room to unpack. At first, the room I thought was mine ended up being a closet. I had been very confused and was relieved when someone showed me to the right room. There were these weird devices that allowed us to teleport to different rooms, and at first I couldn’t get it to work, but eventually I did. I finally got to the right room. As I was unpacking, my sister was there and she smashed a mirror in half on her leg. Suddenly, everyone started breaking and smashing stuff. There was a group of old people there who grabbed us and kicked us out for destroying everything. My suitcases were still in there, so I knocked on the door and asked if I could get them. She said no, and I started pleading with her. A bunch of old people started to swarm out of the door and my grandmother was there. I asked her if I could get in to get my things, and she smiled at me and handed me a mystery dum dum. “No, that’s not what I wanted,” I said. I was mad at my sister for getting us kicked out. We both decided to team up and we broke in; we ran to the device to teleport and it took us to a random room.