Finding Land

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

In my dream, there were a bunch of people I knew and myself all in one room. There was somebody explaining to us that we were all assigned one dead body, and that we had tasks to complete with or for our bodies. My body was an older woman (but I could never see her face) . Our last task was to clean our dead persons foot around where the identification tag was attached. The first thing we did was take the clothes off of the body and put them in one big pile. All the clothes looked the same, and I accidentally put my body in the pile. From there my dream skipped to where everyone was all in a "lake" even though it was as big as an ocean, and we were swimming from sharks and alligators. We swam until we found a small, maybe three room, home on the edge of the water. It had no front door so I looked in to see if anyone was there. When I looked in I saw a young girl (maybe nine) running around trying to take care of a baby. We went into the house and I remember looking back out to watch for alligators. When we got into the house I helped the little girl watch the baby. I played with the baby and we were watching TV. The show we were watching on the TV had puppies and kittens for a second so I tried to get the baby to look at them, but she missed them. I kept watching the TV to see when the animals would come back on, but the next time there were kittens and puppies they were sitting on the top of piles of trash and dead things. That's the last thing I can remember before I woke up.