Date: 4/16/2017

By Tati52

1st Part- Normal dream I woke up out of my bed (since 2 days ago when my dreams start I always wake up out of a bed) so yeah I walked out the room and saw my step momma and my step brother in the front. He like hey and shit I'm like hey and the rest I don't really feel like telling y'all because it's kind of boring ! (Different Scene) Part 2 - Lucid Dream So I'm still with my step brother so out of nowhere I looked down at my hands and on my right hand my fingers was melting away and on my left hand a extra finger was growing I'm like "IM DREAMING GHE" he like "you're not" I'm like "I am" then I walked away from him. I didn't have time to argue with him I needed to explore my dream world . So as soon as when I knew I was dreaming weird shit started happening first I saw my old friend then I saw my BestFrand I'm like "When the hell yall get here?" Then something had happened I forgot. So my nose started bleeding like a lot of blood was pouring out of my nose I'm like "TF" so I went inside the bathroom and looked at the mirror and my eyes was a dark blood red with some blood leaking from my eyes Soo I'm like "what the hell?" So this tiki doll came up to me and was like you're a demon and I'm like "WHAT? How? i don't wanna be a demon!" Then some crazy ass shit started happening sooo after that I'm trying to transport my ass to a party and every time I open a door and close it back I keep on seeing the same room im like "why Its not tryna let me go to a party" so then I tried the mirror transport thing so I went to the mirror and looked at myself this time I ain't look like a demon I looked somewhat like myself but it was kind of distorted. My head was Fat asf and my body was skinny asl. It was like one of those funny mirrors you see in the carnival. So Im trying to push my head through the mirror to see if I'm going to transport to the party, it didn't even let me . I'm like whatttt? It was like I had control over the dream but then At the same time I didn't . So me and my bestfriend left the house to go to the store and to see where's a party at. So while we walking out the door I had said "you know you're in my dream right?" She like"girl no I'm not,shut up" I'm like bitch are you serious right now? So I look up at the sky and the sky didn't even look like a painting like what dude had said in that video, it looked like a regular sky. So I had remembered what I had said in the real world when I first lucid Dream I was going to ask people for help on my book. So I sped up towards my BestFrand and while I was about to say something a dog wannna start barking. I WOKE UP