Date: 3/12/2017

By Joe V Volcano

I was sleeping and heard loud hissing. In the dark I could vaguely see steam coming from out of the top of the walls. I tried to get out of bed but couldn't move. When I finally got out I couldn't seem to turn on some of the lights as if building work had messed with them. I was hoping to figure out all out but then could see that instead the corner of the wall was dug out, beams had been put in, and the whole thing was unfinished. There were cupboards with building materials in them. Then i went outside and saw that over the way was a volcanic eruption happening in the mountain. It then appeared to be two fire fountains. This was sort of distant but quickly seemed closer and the eruptions seemed bigger and more threatening. We (?) managed to be near the top and scraped away some of the top of the mountain at the side to let magma flow down. This flow built up the roadway below about 3 feet and i was smoothing the top? I looked the other side of my building where I had been sleeping and there was another huge mountainous volcano. It was erupting and I saw a huge round stone fountain (like in the middle of a town) being ejected and spiralling straight up miles into the sky together with steam and smoke and fire! I raced into my building and saw that my brother and cousin who I used to work with when I was in my 20s working away. They wouldn't believe me that there was great danger in spite of me telling them what was going on outside. Their tops were off and they were sweating. I left and was escaping when I woke up.