Twin Flame & My Element Kinesis

Date: 5/13/2017

By SwaggyBoy9

This was a fun dream.. I was at an altered version of boys high, the cafe and places near that were somewhat similarly. I was with my twin flame, she was beautiful, she had blonde hair and I actually don't remember much about her. I went to these trees, they weren't that old, still growing. I used my plantokinesis abilities and grew the trees to an astounding height over seconds! I looked back at the cafe and I thought someone saw me, so me and my twin flame fled away from the place. We were in the middle of this park, man, it was a beautiful park! I wish I could go there right now and abandon society with her. I lied down and she got on top of me, I was rubbing her as we started having sex. We started kissing, with 2 little kisses then started really going at it. All of a sudden, I didn't even realise it but I was inside a house. I was still at the park, but it was like someone just built a house on top of us. It was made of wood.. It could've been me. Then some stranger approached us and started asking questions, eventually he caught me off guard and got me to admit my abilities, he was the one watching from the cafe. That's all I remember. Then I Woke Up