Date: 6/28/2019

By Trixzie

I'm standing in a light filled colorful hallway. I realize that I am participating in a singing competition. After I go I am disqualified for obvious inability to sing well, but Brad goes after me. Brad is getting through to the next round. I walk to another room and then to the street outside and begin walking home. It's almost night time and a school bus turns down the road. I decide to climb up the tree to the tree house portion of my home because the bus had sped up and I know (somehow) it is chasing me. The branch that leads into the house has a large chocolate egg. The egg comes up to my knee and I know that this is my younger brother's and sister's (which I don't have irl) egg. I roll it inside so that it won't spoil outside in the tree. Inside there are 12 vampires looking for movies.