Weird ??? 😳🥺

Date: 7/21/2019

By ramenn_

Dream. Andrew just kinda like....met me at an airport or something and bruh...I met 2-D WE EVEN TALKED OMGOMG. But then we got this cool mission thing to go help this little girl, just a little younger than us but she was ahah..Um...insane. And she’s killed anyone who entered her “lair”. Just the thing she killed me like 1938581 times. With a diamond sword. From Minecraft. This girl was literally leche. 😐 like wtf. She weird frfr. AND THEN, Andrew was all like “stop bitch” and he ALSO had a diamond sword but it had lightning or some shit and he had a sword fight with her, and he fucking impaled her with the sword (that’s so funny to me idk why) and that’s when I woke up. Idk, it was weird. But when I woke up the song that was playing fit the dream.coincidence ? I think not. 😏