People Trying to Kill Me

Date: 8/6/2017

By srey798

So this dream, I had many months ago. From what I could remember is that I was alone at an apartment complex at night. In the dream I knew a group of teenagers (people my age) were hunting me down. There was a girl, who was the leader of this group who had natural red hair and she especially wanted me to die. So, I don't know exactly how I was at these apartments complexes. Maybe I was taking a walk and tried to take a different route? Anyways, I remembered a lot of cargo containers scattered around throughout the parking lot of the complex. I was stealthily hiding behind these containers and avoiding the followers of the red-headed leader. They all had big rifles in their hands and they seemed to know how to use them. I found one guy who was isolated from the group so I thought this was my chance to finally get my hands on a weapon. I crouched quietly behind the black-haired boy and as I got close enough, I put him into a chokehold - eventually suffocating him. I slowly lead him down to the ground and I hide his corpse. I pick up his rifle and I thought that I could finally face these people head on. It didn't take long for me to find the followers. One by one, I killed each one of the crew members. The kill shots ranged between head shots and bullets to the heart. It seemed like it was second nature to me to know how to handle a rifle. Once I had finally killed the men, I realized the girl was still alive and still wanted me dead. I couldn't find her anywhere outside of the complex, so I thought she must have been inside one of the apartment units. I started opening doors, and hiding behind walls - gun ready and pointed. It wasn't until one of the last apartments that I had found her. She was looking for me in one of the closets. As I aimed, I cocked the rifle ready to shoot. She turned around startled and her face became pale. She raised her hands in silence as she had given up - but I wasn't going to take any chances. I shot her right in the forehead, right between her eyebrows. Her eyes roll back as a single droplet of blood slowly drops down to her nose. Her whole body becomes limp and falls back. Knowing what I had done to all these people despite the fact they were originally trying to kill ME, I thought that I should burn the evidence. I ended up burning the apartment and whole complex down to the ground and walked home- ditching the rifle into a pond nearby. Thoughts and opinions?