Murderer on the loose

Date: 6/17/2019

By I_Like_Art

It started as me and a huge group of people (who I only knew a few of) were in this big building. There was a murderer somewhere and we knew that we had to stop them or they would kill us all. Somehow I figured out that if I left the building and went behind this alleyway there would be something to help me. So I went outside. The outside compared to the inside of the building was so crazy. The sky was yellow and there was no grass on the ground. All I saw was dirt as far as the eye could see. I went into the alleyway and there was a sign up that said “F you” and then something else I don’t remember. I ripped the sign off of the wall and behind it was a peace of paper that had a bunch of weird buttons and colors on it and... a location! I went back to the building and told everyone to follow me. Since they didn’t have anywhere else to go they did. I’m not sure how I found where I was supposed to go but I did. Let’s call this place the metal building, because it was made of entirely metal and was rusty everywhere. I told everyone to stay outside while I went inside. I opened the door with a loud creek and went in. It was super dusty as if no one had been there in a long time. The front door was connected to a long hallway. As I walked down this hallway I saw a door appear on my left. I figured it would lead me into a room so I opened it. The walls had blood on them but I ignored that, mainly because there were buttons and switches that looked exactly like the ones on the clue I got. The room was very small, only big enough for a small table and one person to stand in. I stepped inside and as soon as I was all the way in the door slammed behind me. I froze and turned around. Peering through the doors window was spring trap from fnaf (I’m confused to) anyways it was honestly really terrifying because he was like 5 feet taller than me and peering at me through the window. BUT THEN HE STARTED TO OPEN THE DOOR. I panicked and did what I figured was a logical thing to do, and I began to pull and push the Buttons and levers that showed up on the clue in order. As soon as I finished he shut the door and walked away. That was terrifying. Once I figured he was gone I bolted out of there. Now that I think about it there was probably more clues inside the building but I did NOT want to take any chances of spring trap saying hello again. I left the building and everyone was waiting outside for me expectantly. Suddenly my dream changed and me and the group of people were standing outside of a house. It was normal. The sky was blue, the grass on the lawn was green, the house was made of wood and was white. It had two stories. The only weird thing was that it was the only house as far as the eyes could see. In fact, it was the only thing besides us and the grass as far as the eye could see. Somehow I knew that it was the murderers house. We all went inside and looked for something to attack with like weapons or something. Suddenly a little girl probably about 10 or 11 walks out of her room confused. I think “she can’t be the murderer. “ so I move on and ignore her. Suddenly a girl who I know, but I’m not sure how I know her walks up to me. She is holding a grey circle that almost looks like a plate. On it there are two buttons. One is red the other is yellow. I ask, “what does that do?” And she tells me, “it’ll blow up the house.” I became excited and took it from her. I walked outside and told everyone to come outside with me. All of them followed except the girl that I know somehow. She is talking to the younger 10year old. I tell them to come outside. The little girl asks why and I say we are going to blow up the house. She becomes frazzled and tells me I can’t. I became confused because if this was a murderers house than wouldn’t it be the right thing to do to blow it up? The girl i somehow knew took the 10 year old by her hand and walked her out of the house. Right before I pushed the button to blow up the house I heard sounds of a car behind me. I turned around and there was a fancy black car and in the drivers seat was an 18 year old. I knew he was the murderer. No doubt about it. He was wearing subclasses. Then he smiled and it was so creepy it gave me chills. Then he said “you can’t stop me.” And I woke up.