Silent Hill

Date: 7/30/2017

By AudioVideoDisco

_________________ I was at Walmart, it was late. I was in the video games section trying to find some deals on PC games. Then I saw this girl, a teenager. She was very weird looking. She was literally blue, her face was blue like she was going to die. I was wondering if she was ok since she was chewing gum. I just told myself that she was just a teenager and teenagers can be weird these days. So, I just walked away and went to the cashier to finish what I was doing. This is where things got weird, the cashier had holes all over her face like she took bullets. I told her « Hey, nice makeup! » She thanked me while smiling. She was alright, but I wasn't really interested since I already have a girlfriend. A man entered while holding a revolver and screamed « This is a robbery, everybody listen to me carefully or else! » I got down immediately and told the cashier to do the same. I was trying to get my gun to get him but he saw me and began to shoot. He shot the cashier right through all the holes she had. I tried to run but I couldn't, it was really hard. My heart was beating really fast. Luckily he was trying to get money from the cashier. I got out and went to the parking lot. Got to my car and I saw my reflection on my car. My face was half blown up. This is where I saw the robber, right behind me with his revolver aiming at me. He was really old. I woke up.