The chase

Date: 1/21/2019

By kingtyrin

I was in a building where it seemed I was amongst others. We were doing a ritual all in lotus position forming a circle. The guy next to me asked if I smoke I said yes and he pulled out a blunt and I took a hit. One of the leaders saw me and told me to take that outside. So I’m outside smoking and a girl is outside the building too. We didn’t say any words but we had a conversation while smoking the blunt. It’s as if we communicated telepathically. Something went bad and next thing i know is I’m flying away from this girl while she is angry chasing me. The scenery was last night with a few street lights on that couldn’t be any taller than 10 feet. As I’m flying away I look back and see that now I’m getting chased by a man in all black. I can’t remember what this face looks like but it throws me off, I fall and he stands over me, says words in a different language and covers my face with a white rag and then I wake up.