The woman in the market

Date: 3/29/2019

By ravvex

I'm in an Asian market, but standing in this one particular area which looks almost like the inside of a small warehouse. There's an Asian woman whose face I can't make out, but she's wearing a blue dress or blouse, with long following sleeves that sparkle. She is standing over a big round table with levels on it, like steps almost, and the table is covered in small buildings and trees, lakes and people, as if it were a miniature village that she could look down on. The woman leans over it and ignoring all the people living there, starts washing her laundry in their lake, or ocean, whatever it was. I remember looking down at the town and wondering what the hell was going on,and if this woman was a witch or something similar. I don't remember ever clearly seeing her face or the people in the village. Just the toy-like landscape of the tiny people.